The Aquarius man is the best example of the water archetype. He’s known to flow easily through life, not looking for complications, drama or things that will upset his inner harmony. There are two major theories about what it will take to attract this type of man, some say that he is looking for a woman who will not disrupt his life in any way, one who will just easily fit into place, naturally flowing with him. The other theory says that he’s, looking for a woman who will shake things up, who will be the fire to his water. As a woman who is pursuing a Aquarius man you have two directions you can go. The path of least resistance, flowing and floating with his watery nature or you can create a lot of steam by adding fire to his water. There really is no wrong approach.

What matters most is what he is open to because if you disrupt his harmony at the wrong time it will create resistance that you will not be able to get past. But when he is open for more tension, drama, excitement that might be the perfect time to come in with your fiery nature. It also depends on who you are naturally because one thing that you cannot do is pretend to be someone who you are not because the romantic target being pursued will see right through that. He will be able to see that the persona that you are presented is not your true nature that it is not congruent with who you truly are and that will disrupt his balance as well. No matter how cliché it might be the old saying of be yourself and to die own self be true is completely true right here.

Does this mean that you cannot use any type of strategy? No, what it truly means is that you need to find a strategy that is true to you, one that reveals your true nature or that allows you to use your personality any way that is advantageous you. That means that if you’re naturally a fiery person that you either bring your fiery nature and full effect or you just slightly dim it down a little bit but still have it peeking through so that he knows your fiery nature and that it is not a surprise when you bring the heat. If you are a more easier going type, then be easy-going but don’t be afraid to have a spine, to stand up, to demand, to shake things up with him to let me know that although you enjoy flowing with him that is not going to be your only purpose in that relationship. It is all about strategically using your personality, from the get go setting up the rules of that relationship, letting all parts of your personality show through, by showing your natural nature, by using your natural nature as a form of attraction and as a form of letting him know who you are.

So, it is all about meshing together, from the get go creating the framework that the relationship will follow, using his nature to strategically show different aspects of yourself. If you can do this, if you two are naturally attracted, compatible, then this will work great for you.