Every relationship is guided by a number of factors that may be perceived subconsciously, but they really matter. These are what make people in any kind of relationship co-exist without much commotion every now and then, or the unnecessary suspicions and weird feelings of betrayal. Talk trust, love, intimacy, and keep the list going. There are some bonding factors which a relationship cannot do without.



Nothing hurts and breaks a relationship as quickly as dishonesty. When trust is lost it motivates behaviors such as criticism, rejection, and jealously.

Honesty and trust are the highest form of intimacy. If you tell a lie once then all your truths can become questionable. When you are honest, you produce honest actions and reactions.


Part of human love is mysterious, magical, free flowing, and sometimes beyond our control.

Love is a word that covers a variety of feelings. Love is an emotion. On one hand it can be an absolute delight, while on the other hand it can be pure kindness.

Love reveals our potential to see, feel, touch, and smell, that which we’ve never dreamed of.


Intimacy is being accepting and being vulnerable. Intimacy doesn’t mean falling in love in the conventional sense of romantic infatuation, but emerging in love by understanding what makes you and your partner expand and grow together.

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Quarrels are normal in relationships, especially for lovers, it will happen once in a while. At every occurrence when hell breaks loose and you start yelling the chrome out of one another’s ears, people tend to make costly mistakes which may last the quarrel a while longer, or lead to unnecessary tension altogether.

A lot of times we are already conjuring up a response while they are talking. We don’t take the time to truly digest the reasoning and explanations that they’re giving us. This leads us to make a faulty response because we don’t have all the information we need to respond correctly and respectfully.

This may be more of a female trait but many times we don’t take what our partner says for face value. We make “hidden meanings” behind what they say instead of just taking exactly what is said and letting that be truth. We try to find the intention behind what is said! Big mistake!

Be aware of the make up of your person. The way they were raised, their family background. By doing so, you may see some keen differences in the way they respond to certain situations. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on your partner. It’s highly unrealistic to expect your partner to think like you do.

So many times, we don’t want to hear the truth about ourselves. When something we’ve done wrong is brought up in an argument, we find a rebuttal by bringing up something our partner has done wrong instead of just owning up to our role in the issue.

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Many say that their job is their first love. Could they be wrong about the concept of career and love? May be, maybe not, it all depends with how one feels about their personal life.  But what comes at the bottom line is the reality that one thing take quite longer to materialize than the other here. And it is important to weigh the situation to know what actually should come first for you.

You can’t fall in love with career at night.

In my opinion, good jobs come and go but finding right love is a once in a life time thing. So, it doesn’t make sense to over-pursue a specific career at the risk of losing someone that you consider to be “the one for you”. Again, you can make money doing anything.

Why would you have to choose?

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t have both. Life is a mixture of everything, grayer than black or white. You need to ask yourself why you have such a limited viewpoint. Career gives an identity, an earning, some satisfaction, some motivation, and some inspiration. But, without love, it all makes no sense to your life.

It’s not about choosing one of them; it’s all about dealing with both at same time. Also, the choice between having a career or making time for love is an extremely personal and individual decision. There are many factors which can affect your choice, and there are many people who have discovered how to achieve a healthy work life balance that allows them to have both.

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