Say please, Apologize, Shake hands. Dont you remember phrases like these? These are but a few phrases most parents tell their kids to teach them a thing or two about manners. Many people say that good manners are what make a bright future. But then again, what are good manners for and whats so important about practicing manners anyway? Here are 9 ways practicing manners can lead to your childs success:

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1. Good Breeding

Manners are lessons learned at home, not in the classroom. The way your kid acts around others can tell a lot about how you are as a parent and may even affect your reputation. As your kid’s first teacher, it’s your job to teach them the basics of being a good and well-mannered person.

Youd be doing your kid a big a by teaching them good manners. Children learn by observing, listening and following the examples set by their parents. By practicing good manners at home, youre setting a good example to your kids and raising them to be polite adults. Basic manners like saying please or thank you can go a long way and can leave a good impression on the people they meet.

Manners and Your Kids Future

2. Practicing Manners for the Future

The way your kids interact with others can indeed affect their future. Your children are going to interact with all sorts of people throughout their lives. Not everyone is going to like your kid, but having good manners always helps. By practicing good manners and learning manners at a young age, your child will learn to respect people and be kind to others.

Good manners are the simplest way to gain attention and be memorable. People are always going to remember how a person treats them and makes them feel. If your child grows up to be a kind and respectful adult, many opportunities will come his way.

3. Its More Than Simple Dining Etiquette

Practicing manners is so much more than simple dining etiquette. It isn’t limited to sitting straight while eating or using the proper utensils. Good manners touch every aspect of daily life. As a parent, its important to help your children develop a good attitude towards everything. If you train your kid to have a positive outlook on life, this will manifest until adulthood.

Manners Affect the Way People See You

4. Gaining Friends

With the rise of the internet, the chances of meeting people online increase every day. Your kids are going to interact with all sorts of people online, especially when they’re older. Teaching your kids to be kind to people online will help them gain more friends and be more confident. Most people will forget why they thought of you, but they’ll always remember how you treated them. Always make sure to teach your kids the important things in lifelike treating people well.

5. Behaving in Society

Practicing good manners will teach your children how to behave in society. The little things do count, much more than you would expect. Applying the Golden Rule does seem easy to do, but not everyone practices it. If your kids learn to live by the “Golden Rule”, they’ll appreciate the importance of respect. The more your kids respect the people in society, the more friends they will gain growing up.

6. Meeting New People and Making Friends

Making friends is essential to growing up. Practicing good manners will help your kids develop confidence and good social behavior. Good manners make any child likable and endearing. Surrounding them with playmates also provides them a chance to meet people their age. If you’re a parent in Waterford Lakes, Florida, USA, day care in Waterford Lakes is the perfect place for your kids to meet new friends and learn new things.

Being Comfortable Anywhere at Any Time

7. Being Comfortable in Different Situations

Whether you like it or not, your children are going to go through a variety of situations without you. Good manners allow them to be comfortable in any situation at any time. Your kids be able to handle going to different places and speaking to different people with ease.

8. People Will Trust You

When your kids practice good manners, theyll attract people with their personality. People will trust them more and will become more comfortable around them.

9. Learning to be Responsible

Teaching your kids good manners will make them responsible for their actions. Set and enforce rules for good etiquette to give them a sense of responsibility. The more you enforce rules, the more they’ll learn to be responsible.

Good manners may not seem like much, but theyre basic lessons every kid has to learn. Teaching your kids good manners at a young age will instill values that will last a lifetime.

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