Your spiritual health consists of a trinity that contains your mental, emotional, and physical health. Each of these components has to be in a healthy state for you to experience the fullness of Spiritual Health.

This is why it can be the hardest piece of the wellbeing puzzle to lock-in. It is the culmination of your total wellbeing.

Several spiritually focused elements directly impact your spiritual health. They include your:

â Values and belief
â Purpose
â Connection to Self
â Your Connection to Nature

When your spiritual health is intact and thriving, you experience the following benefits:

â Less stress
â Stronger immune system
â Reduced depression and anxiety

There are endless paths that bring you to spiritual health, but here are three great ones that work regardless of the stages of your spiritual development.

Look for Deeper Meaning Everywhere
Man craves meaning and purpose. And when he finds it, it adds harmony and rhythm to his life.

Looking for deeper meaning stimulates opportunities for insight and connection through awareness. When you look with the expectation of finding, you will see patterns, affirmations, and miracles that open up your heart-center for healing and a deepening of your spirituality.

You begin to feel whole from the inside out. And that wholeness permeates into every area of your life.

Is the Glass Half-full or Half-Empty?
The way you look at your experiences color how you react to situations in your life. It also indicates how open you are to letting spiritual energy flow into your life.

Learning how to reframe negative thoughts and expect positivity helps you reduce stress and tension.

An activity that can propel you into a positive disposition is practicing appreciation.

Gratitude opens your heart and helps you be aware of and bring focus to all the good things that exist in your life. Gratitude activates the spiritual law that says, âwhat you focus on grows.â And you position yourself to get more things to appreciate.

You can say what you are grateful for out loud, or write it down as a journaling exercise.

Meditation is a potent tool used to bring you into conscious awareness. It raises our vibration and helps you maintain a positive attitude.

You donât have to meditate for 1 hour for it to be effective. A few minutes each day meditating supports your spiritual health. It quiets the mind and calms the body. It brings you into a state of awarenessâa crucial skill to have as you improve your spiritual health.

The Secret Unlocked: Your Spiritual Health Plan Doubles as Your Stress Management plan
Spiritual Health will look different for each person, representing the unique gifts, purpose, and spirit that resides in every individual.

By looking deeply at life, staying positive, and meditating, you will improve your spiritual health, and by default, create a stress management plan that boosts your mental and emotional health.

The key is to stay consistent with your spiritual practices for increased mental health and a more joyful life experience.

What tools do you currently use to better your spiritual health?

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