In one conversation between Oprah and Madonna, during the interview, Oprah asked Madonna to describe the feelings she had when she became one of the most famous and the richest women in the world. Madonnas answer was: Ive realized that I dont know who I am.Ive realized that I can have everything, but that I dont have nothing. . Oprah asked her if there was some specific moment when she realized that, and Madonna said, yes. It was right after she filmed the movie Evita. She got some reward for that movie, and at the moment when she got the statue she figured out that she doesnt know who she is anymore. She had everything and yet she wasnt happy.

Why is this story important? Because Johnny Depp said something similar. He said: I want for everybody in this world to become rich so they could understand that the meaning of life is not that.

If you want to attract money into your life then you first need to understand that being rich isnt the meaning of life. If having a lot of money was the meaning of life, then all the rich people would be happy. And they are not.

Money can only bring us relief, financial freedom. But, if you are not aware of who you are, what is life, what is love, how can you be truly happy- all of the money on this world wouldnt mean anything to you.

We all want to attract money. But, if you want to attract it, you mustnt want to do that for the wrong reasons. If you think that money will bring you happiness, you are wrong.

The best way for attracting wealth and money is to start living the sentence: I want it, only I dont need it. To live a life where you have the desire for having more money, but at the same time, not to need that money so bad.

Give me a million-dollar check, then you will see me happy. If you are thinking to yourself something like this, sorry, we have to disappoint you- the Universe doesnt function that way. The Universe functions in the opposite direction. After you feel the emotion of being happy, then you will get presents from the Universe. First, you need to be happy, and you need to act like you already have that million dollar check. After that, you will get the check.

If you want to achieve this, then you need to spend some time working on yourself and practicing the Law of Attraction techniques and methods. Nothing happens overnight and everything takes time.

You should know that your mind is the one who is blocking you in attracting bigger amounts of money. Thats why it is important to work on your deep negative beliefs related to wealth and money and to transform them into positive ones. And remember, everything is possible- ask, believe and receive it!