Congratulations on your engagement! Want to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch? From budgeting your wedding expenses to
planning the reception, these foolproof tips will help you plan and achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Set the date and start planning immediately

Dont wait until the last few months to get started on your wedding preps. The earlier you start planning your wedding, the less stressful its going to be for everyone as your special day approaches.

Create your budget

Make sure you set a realistic budget before you spend on anything wedding-related. Stick to a realistic budget so that you dont end up starting your new life in debt. Keep a notebook to list down all your spending, because even the little extras, like alterations and beauty expenses, can quickly add up.

Finalize your guest list

Finalize your guest list before you pick out your venue and caterer. This will make it easier for you to choose the perfect venue and menu for the wedding. Caterers often charge per head, so if you have a limited budget, dont feel guilty about having to cut some people from the list. Invite only those you absolutely want to be there as you walk down the aisle.

Choose your venue

The venue for your wedding ceremony and reception will set the tone of your special event, so choose a venue that has significant meaning for you and your partner. This is also a good time to choose an officiant for your ceremony. If youre leaning towards a destination wedding, make sure that your guest list can afford to travel to your chosen venue.

Meet with your caterer

Food plays an important role in any special occasion, so the menu for your reception should be no less than perfection. Meet with your caterer as soon as youve decided on a venue, so that you can choose the right menu for your wedding theme.

Book your photographer and videographer

The best event photographers and videographers are often in short supply and in high demand, so if theres a specific team that you would like to cover your special day, secure your dates immediately!

Print and send out your invitations

The rule of thumb for wedding invites is that they should be sent out at least two months before your wedding date. Wait until the last minute and you might find yourself in a deserted wedding.

Pick your dress

For many brides, shopping for the wedding dress is one of the most memorable moments of their wedding preps. The search for the perfect dress can be an emotional experience, so remember to pick a dress in which youll look and feel amazing, without destroying your budget.

Get all the help you can get

Lastly, dont be afraid to ask for help. Your bridesmaids are more than just pretty faces – they can also be your biggest support. Choose women who you know you can rely on throughout the process, and dont be afraid to delegate some of the tasks.