Wedding in San Francisco is a dream come true for many couples across the globe. San Francisco wedding photography prices vary according to the requirements and the size of the wedding. Capturing the right moments requires a sense of photography and professionalism. There are many professional photographers across the city that can help you to click the best moments within your budget. Keep in mind that choosing the best wedding venue for your San Francisco wedding will also impact the quality of your wedding pictures.

Let’s have a look at top four SF wedding photography services and their pricing.

#1 IQphoto Studio

IQphoto Studio is a team of two photographers who offer artistic San Francisco wedding photography with various styles to choose from – traditional, documentary and editorial. Their pricing ranges from $495 to $2195.

#2 Apollo Fotographie

Apollo Fotographie is a modern stylish photography boutique in the San Francisco Bay Area. With an impeccable sense of photography, Apollo Fotographie creates your moments into a memorable asset to cherish throughout your life.

The boutique is famous for its photography and videography specialized in artistic, contemporary as well as cinematic, lifestyle shoot styles. They cover all your activities from the day you got engaged until your big day. The price range varies from $2000 – $3000 according to your requirements.

#3 Adam J Clark Photography

Adam J Clark is an independent photographer with a passion for arts, especially photography, with an exceptional professionalism and talent in capturing your best moments. Adam J Clark is specialized in giving life to his photos and video, be it engagement photos/videos or photos of your big day. He also creates an awesome online proofing of your photos. The average cost is $1000 – $2000 with varied pricing options which can be discussed in line with your needs.

#4 Billings Photography

This photography studio was started by a couple, Chad and Sarah Billings with a passion towards wedding photography. Billings Photography creates vibrant and artistic portraits that will live through generations. Billings Photography has a unique talent in making the perfect frame for photography. They are specialized in artistic, contemporary, cinematic, documentary, and modern photo and video styles. If you want to turn your bridal portraits, engagement, day after session, and of course wedding into an ever cherishing memory, then Billings Photography will be one of the best options around. They have hands-on experience in destination weddings, printed wedding albums, online proofing, etc. The average cost would be $2000 to $3000.

Factors Affecting the Prices

There are many photographers and videographers around San Francisco with different pricing options for all your needs. Some of the factors that may affect the average pricing are destination weddings, artistic photo shoot, making a high quality printed album, making cinematic trailers, and also booking a professional photographer during their busy schedules. Though the price may go a bit off the line, choosing the best photographer to turn your moments into memories you can one day share with your grandchildren is worth spending some money.