Singlehandedly planning your own wedding could drive you nuts. This is the very simple reason why most, if not all brides prefer to have a wedding planner.

Some couples think that hiring a planner will mean added costs, and that if you’re on a budget, having a wedding planner is impractical. But when you hire a planner, there are actually key benefits that can very well outweigh the cost. Here are five major benefits of hiring a wedding planner:

1. A wedding planner will help turn your vision into a reality.

Just imagine having someone at your disposal, whose only goal is to make that dream wedding of yours a reality. It’s common for most brides or couples to have a hodgepodge of ideas for their wedding. It will often require a third persons intervention to be able to put things into perspective.

2. Wedding planners give sound advice.

Aside from helping you realize your dream wedding, a planner is also a good source of other ideas and advice. You might have certain themes, designs, or suppliers in mind. A planner could suggest better ones. And most wedding planners actually go beyond giving advice about the details of the wedding. They could also serve as a listening ear through all the preparation stress.

3. A wedding planner can handle the paperwork for you.

Whether you’re planning a local wedding, or one far away, there will be paperwork involved, one of the things that a lot of brides actually take for granted. Most are busy thinking of their dresses, the parties, the venues, the menu, and the flowers. But there are actually a couple of very important documents that need to be prepared. Most people hate doing this, but having a wedding planner do it for you actually takes away half the burden.

4. Wedding planners can help you get discounts.

If you are having a hard time haggling, or you’re just not good with costs, then you would really appreciate having a wedding planner around. Wedding planners usually have an established network of suppliers that you can choose from. Aside from the quality assurance of a tried and tested supplier, wedding planners also get better deals.

5. Planners can help you with the actual wedding day coordination.

The last thing that a bride would want is to be worried sick and stressed during her wedding day. Hiring a planner can ease this anxiety, as the planner will be the one in charge of everything on that special day. The bride doesnt have to run to and fro. If she wants to check how things are going, all she has to do is ask the planner.

Hiring a wedding planner is not just for the busy bride or busy couple. Its actually for all those who want a more organized and stress-free wedding from the prep works to the actual wedding day.